Arthur Russell - The World Of Arthur Russell

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First compilation of an icon of dance music!

Arthur Russell occupies a unique place in the history of dance music. As an artist he is revered by people like Philip Glass and Todd Terry. In the 80s he founded the projects Dinosaur L and Loose Joints. With tracks like "Go Bang" and "Is It All Over My Face" Russell marked two milestones in dance and showed that dance can be intelligent and subversive.

From the middle of the New York dance scene, Russell founded the label Sleeping Bag in the 80s, which released Mantronix, EPMD, Todd Terry and others in addition to his own material.

As a regular visitor to David Mancuso's Loft, Nicky Siano's Gallery and Studio 54, he immersed himself ever deeper into the New York club scene. At the same time he continued to create his own avant-garde and experimental music.

Larry Levan, Walter Gibbons and Francois Kervorkian played a central role as remixers of his works and are also featured on many of the tracks here.

Arthur Russell died in 1992 and left behind an enormous amount of material.

This release includes both; Arthur Russell classics like "Go Bang", "Is It All Over My Face", "Wax The Van", but also "Impossible To Find" collector's tracks like "In The Light Of The Miracle" and the private pressing "Pop Your Funk".