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Le Edits - Dimitri From Paris' home of luxurious and beautifully crafted Disco reworkings has returned!

This time a very special and thoughtful project is in the works, an extra-special collection looking back over the first offerings of this very unique contemporary Disco label. The first 5 releases, all now long gone and sold out across the globe and fetching high collectors prices in the used marketplace, will now be compiled into a very limited collected boxset for those who missed them the first time around. With such a high demand, the call for represses on all of the Le Edits titles has been loud and clear from record collectors and Disco aficionados worldwide, so it seemed only right to make something special and out of the ordinary! Dimitri, as a life-long record fiend himself, has made sure the original 12's were not repressed while presenting this extremely in-demand music in a desirable, distinctive, individually numbered package complete with a high quality Le Edits screen-printed tote bag.

Incredible remixes of artists such as Odyssey, Dan Hartman, Phyllis Hyman, Keni Burke, Ashford + Simpson, Jamiroquai and Chaka Khan, courtesy of monsieur Dimitri can be yours for less than the price of the individual records on the online second hand market. As fans will know, every remix has been made legitimately using all original source materials, a world class specialist mastering studio (The Carvery) and then pressed onto the finest virgin vinyl available today. Each release is a truly high quality and international production that takes much time and effort to source only the best components, all lovingly housed in beautiful old school tip-on sleeves courtesy of Timmion in Finland. To say a Le Edits release is an event is an understatement, and this essential 5 x 12" boxset is no different.

All remixes released by Le Edits are fully sanctioned and created in conjunction with the artists, rights holders and licensors. Lovingly and respectfully remixed by Dimitri From Paris.