Ed Sheeran - Divide

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Why not drop the door in the house if it's worth it? That's what Ed Sheeran thought and released two songs on January 6, 2017 as harbingers for his new album.

"÷" (Divide) is the name of the British singer-songwriter's third record, with which, after "+" and "x", he once again indulges his preference for mathematical operators in the album title.

The singles in question are called "Shape Of You" and "Castle On The Hill" and clearly show that Sheeran is still the old hit machine. Both songs entered the UK charts at number one and two - for the very first time in British music history.

And the chances that the remaining ten songs on "÷" (Divide) have similar hit potential are not bad either. The musician has had enough inspiration lately, because in 2016 he took a break from the stage, from the media and from his social media accounts to travel the world. Only in autumn they went back to the studio, where the new album was made.