Four Tet - New Energy

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Four Tet is the pseudonym Kieran Hebden uses for his electronic productions at the interface of techno, experiment and micro-sampling. "New Energy" is already his ninth Four Tet album since "Dialogue" in 1999

His last work, "Morning/Evening", appeared in 2015, but met with divided criticism: With a running time of about 20 minutes, it contained just two songs, which were arranged virtuously, but not very accessible. The whole thing was more reminiscent of sounds Hebden had recorded in the mid-zeros with jazz drummer Steve Reid

So it is all the more gratifying that the London-based producer with the 14 tracks of "New Energy" has apparently reverted to his tried and tested methodology, known and appreciated from the past, and created harmonic, straightforward, forward-driving tracks from his hodgepodge of samples. By the way: If you can't get enough of it, you should check out the numerous remixes Four Tet produced in the last two years for The XX, A$AP Rocky and Oneohtrix Point Never, among others.