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Kasper Bjørke's work has continued to evolve throughout his career. After the debut album In Gumbo (2007), he regularly released more albums and EPs, influenced by post-punk, krautrock, Italo-disco, techno, house and electro, and more recently neo-classical and ambient. Kasper has remixed more than 50 artists - as a DJ he has toured extensively and performed in some of the most legendary clubs and festivals.

Following The Fifty Eleven Project on Kompakt (2018) and Nothing Gold Can Stay (2019), the new album Sprinkles is Kasper Bjørke's eighth studio album. Sprinkles sounds like a utopian postcard - sent off in the past and with hopes for the future. Rooted in a colorful sound - filled with light and warmth - the Balearic vibes and dream house grooves merge with synth chorus guitars, fretless and acid bass lines and playfully intertwine into a sonic stream of consciousness; a mirage of the past and what will be.

Visual artist Luca Bjørnsten's mesmerizing work "Sprinkles" depicts an empty, lush and colorful garden with a large, romantic fountain, perfectly embodying the surreal scenario we've all become far too familiar with. The 13-track instrumental album follows a series of singles this spring and summer, and is like a breath of fresh air and a much needed warm ray of sunshine.