Paul Mccartney - III

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Exactly 50 years ago Paul McCartney released his first solo album "McCartney". On the album he played all the instruments, wrote the songs and recorded them himself. This successful solo debut of the ex-Beatle marked his creative rebirth and became a model for many generations of musicians with its warm, homemade and timeless sound. In 1980, ten years after "McCartney," Paul released his second solo album, "McCartney II." Although the album was more electronic than its predecessor, here too McCartney played all the instruments, wrote the songs and recorded them on his own. Now 40 years have passed since this album, but Paul's popularity increased through further solo albums

After he released "Egyptian Station" two years ago, no new album was originally planned for this year. But during the lockdown, Paul got creative and started writing new music. This collection of spontaneous songs opens "McCartney III." Again, Paul was the sole songwriter, musician, producer responsible for the recording. The stripped-back album was recorded on the family farm in Sussex earlier this year and is very much in the tradition of "McCartney" and "McCartney II". With both previous albums, Paul ushered in a new decade and reinvented himself and his music. "McCartney III" shows Paul all over again, turning unexpected circumstances into a personal snapshot of a timeless musician during a unique moment in history