Pink Floyd - Animals

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"Animals" is the tenth longplayer by Pink Floyd. The album was originally released on 23 January 1977 and was recorded at Britannia Row Studios in London.

The name of the record comes from the fact that bassist and songwriter Roger Waters on "Animals" divides people into three classes and compares them to animals - similar to the well-known novella "Animal Farm" by the English writer George Orwell. The three titles as well as the intro and outro of "Animals" also deal with these three classes.

The album landed at the top of the charts in Great Britain as well as in the USA. Furthermore "Animals" is the first Pink-Floyd album, which also reached first place in Germany.

The songs of the new edition were remastered by James Guthrie, Joel Plante and Bernie Grundman. All Reissues of the row appear on 180 g heavy vinyl. The cover artwork is the original design