Portugal. The Man - Woodstock

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Portugal.The Man worked for four years on their new album, which initially had the working title "Gloomin + Doomin". Again and again they recorded songs, discarded them if they didn't appear good enough. Ten songs made it into the selection at the end. And when singer John Gourley found some of his father's old festival tickets, the name was fixed: "Woodstock".

"Woodstock" is already the eighth album of the US indie rock band, the successor to "Evil Friends". Gourley and his band mates Zachary Carothers, Kyle O'Quin and Jason Sechrist worked together with a whole bunch of producers: John Hill, Danger Mouse, Mike D and their long-time companion Casey Bates.

Portugal.The Man revealed what the new album sounds like already in March 2017 with the lead single "Feel It Still". The second release "Number One" followed in April, in which the singer-songwriter Son Little can be heard alongside the band and a sample from the song "Freedom" by folk legend Richie Havens