Terence Fixmer - Force EP

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Having remixed Depeche Mode and DJ Hell as well as releasing a new Fixmer/McCarthy single with Douglas McCarthy (of Nitzer Ebb), 2017 has already proven to be a productive year for Terence Fixmer. With the new Force EP, the Berghain resident follows up on 2016's Beneath The Skin EP (O-TON 97), offering four stylistically different but congenial Techno scenarios for club use.

The record's eponymous track on A1 doesn't think twice: the initial signal horn starts as sudden as the staggered kick drum rhythm, reoccurring throughout the cut's 6-minute playtime while sustained and oppressive screams from a synth, extra multifaceted EBM percussion and synth drones add to the overall sombre atmosphere of 'Force'. The musical vibe distinctly changes with 'Sidewalk' which puts more focus on synth melodies - like its predecessor a Techno cut per se, but with a stronger accent on hypnotic motifs.

On B1 'Melting Planets' emphasises the kick: clocking in slightly slower than the other three tracks - at 122 bpm - the bass drum here sounds extra vivid, ever-present and spot-on, just as if Terence was playing the drum kit sitting right next to you. With additional percussion and swirling melodies 'Melting Planets' is a lulling, mesmerizing meditation in Dub Techno. 'Striking Patterns' on B2 links to the best moments of Force EP's A-side, combining bone-dry bass drum hits and distinctive brazen, banging noises, pulsing synths pads and sizzling surface sounds.