Various Artists - Prince In Jazz

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Prince was a giant. When the genius from Minneapolis died completely unexpectedly in April 2016, the music world was shaken across all genre boundaries. That's because the range of styles Prince Roger Nelson reconciled like no other was nearly all-encompassing. He was a rock star and disco king, playing funk, soul, pop, R'n'B, jazz or blues in an inimitable way. He made the world groove and cry; at the latest since "Purple Rain" (1984) he was a megastar

100 million records sold, seven Grammy Awards and an Oscar speak a clear language. At the same time, he remained an uncompromising advocate of his artistic freedom. He rebelled against the music industry, even shedding his name for years and inventing unconventional distribution channels to bring his permanently bubbling visions to the world. Hardly anyone has revolutionized the pop landscape as radically as he did.