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"Master Mix" is the definition of the experimental spirit that transcends all genre boundaries and that characterized the work of Arthur Russell

He lived in the East Village from the early 1970s until his early death from AIDS at the age of 40 and spent his time effortlessly between various musical silences. With Nicky Siano, he recorded disco beats one night and the next he reworked them with cello and his characteristic voice
The New Yorker described his work as "stranded between the shores of reality and imagination; between the street and the cornfield; between the gentle bohemianism of New York and the harshness of Studio 54; between the broad blocks of pop and the liberating openness of abstract art
Through his collaborations he gained the respect of artists such as Allen Ginsberg, David Byrne and Philip Glass

"Master Mix" contains 26 tracks by over 20 artists ranging from Hot Chip, Sufjan Stevens, Phosphorescent, Blood Orange, The Autumn Defense and Lonnie Hilley; who take their hat off to Russell's boundless creativity.