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Riosin Murphy - Hit Parade

Murphy introduces "Hit Parade":
"This record is a collaboration with DJ Koze. We worked remotely, in different countries, sending tracks/ideas back and forth to each other over several years. I always approach a new collaboration with an open mind and a willingness to learn, and never has that been more important than with this one. The studio in this case was imaginary, in the airspace between Hamburg and London. That meant we were both in a personal, private place as we worked on the songs. For me that brought a more intimate approach to songwriting, I was telling this album my secrets. For Koze, that meant total freedom and absolute focus without the distraction of my presence. He looked deep inside himself, and I think that's why the music is so vibrant and alive. It just explodes with color!

It's a happy record, I've never been happier, partly for personal reasons, but I'm also very fulfilled in my work. For me, the record is about love and sensuality, but also about the music itself and how it's always been there for me. Along with all the joy, there are also echoes of darkness, of the abyss. There's a contemplation of mortality that should remind me (and maybe you, the listener) to really live while we can." - Róisín Murphy