Donato Dozzy / Eric Cloutier - PALINOIA LTD 001

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Highly sought-after Donato Dozzy track finally on vinyl, backed up with an infectious groover from Eric Cloutier. Kicking off a new concept for Palinoia, I'm presenting a previously unreleased Donato Dozzy track that I first heard in his infamous "DDKH" mix from many moons ago. I regularly harassed Dozzy about this in hopes he had plans for it, but after almost a decade of being questioned he told me to just put it out myself, provided I was doing a track for the B-side. Knowing full well I couldn't make anything nearly as gorgeous as Donato's underwater techno groover here, I decided to go for something a bit more upbeat and party friendly, all the while as wiggly as the masters' contribution.