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Little information has been available about the band Sault. Indeed, the composition of the British music collective is largely unknown. There are no photos, interviews or live performances. However, producer Dean Josiah aka Inflo and singer Cleo Sol have been involved in all previous releases.

And compared to the short time of their mysterious existence, there are already quite a lot of them: Two EPs and two albums came out in the last two years, "5" and "7" in 2019, "Untitled (Black Is)" and "Untitled (Rise)" in 2020. With themes like identity and the fight against racism, Sault's music was celebrated as the unofficial soundtrack of the Black Lives Matter protests.

In 2021 Sault will release their next longplayer and continue the series of numbers: Here is "Nine".

The band also continues their mix of soul with elements of funk, r'n'b, hip hop and more. Add to that haunting lyrics that deal with the life and troubles of London youth, gangs, lack of opportunity, racism and police violence

In an Instagram post, Sault wrote: "Some of us come from the heart of London's social estates, where proud parents sought a safe environment to raise their families. The community is the only real genuine support and most of us are caught in a systemic loop where many resources and options are limited. Adults who can't heal from childhood trauma turn to alcohol and drugs as medicine."